Blockchains, unchained.

Build on your blockchain of choice, without the pain.


Our Customers

Download a copy of our customer case study for Storj.

Vennd greatly simplified the process for our crowdfunding. No complicated server setups, just a few simple steps and we were up and running. They have and continue to provide great support...
— Shawn Wilkinson, CEO, Storj

Our Vision


Blockchain technology is still very young, and the best use cases have yet to be discovered. We believe that process of discovery will be accelerated by lowering the barrier to entry, so a much wider array of people have access to the power of the tech. Through our powerful APIs, we allow innovative projects and services to utilise the best features of each one.

We believe that eventually, any asset you can think of will be digitised and registered on a blockchain, allowing unprecedented levels of trade and interoperability between services. There will be many blockchains, and all of them will communicate with each other via Vennd.