What Is Vennd?

Vennd is an open source blockchain application, currently under active development, which bridges any Bitcoin API compatible cryptocurrency.
The base code will be freely available from our github page (coming after 1.0 release) under the Unlicense.


Vennd transforms things into representative tokens on the bitcoin storm exchange (for example, BTC into XBTC), kind of like a casino chip; this allows you to trade with ease. You can then exchange those assets back into their original form (XBTC to BTC) at a one-to-one ratio.

Vending Machine

Vennd can also be set up as a "Vending Machine"; it takes currency inputs (like BTC) and sends back assets (like shares in your company, or tickets to a show) automatically.

vennd.io Services

  • Configured-to-order vending machines and gateways based upon your business requirements
  • Hosted vending machines based upon industry best practices


  • Blockchain-auditable and transparent. Any user can download Vennd and audit the gateway or vending machine
  • Automate your venture's share sales, from cloud mining to IPOs
  • Increase exposure for your altcoin and launching it on exchanges
  • In vending machine mode, Vennd does not need to control the private key for the input address
  • The related site contains more information about the automated process that makes bitcoin trade easily.

In Development

  • Multi-signature address support for both the input and the ability to sweep funds sent to Vennd into a multisig address

Vennd is launching soon. For more information please send us an email at contact@vennd.io.

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